We are the Langhoffs—Amber, Chad, Elias    (2yrs 7mos here),    and Milly    (almost 7 mos here) • Image captured on 12/22/18 by Brandon McCarrell of Raven Media House

We are the Langhoffs—Amber, Chad, Elias (2yrs 7mos here), and Milly (almost 7 mos here) • Image captured on 12/22/18 by Brandon McCarrell of Raven Media House

Cancer assignment? What an honor.

When I (Amber) received the “you have cancer” phone call (11/30/18), I was in a place SO fortified by faith and strong community, that I was BEYOND confident in the healing I was about to receive. Sure, the biopsy from a “neck mass” I had developed came back positive for cancer spread cells, likely forming from the melanoma they found on my ear, but I knew deep, deep down that God still had many unfulfilled promises over my life. I can’t even describe the confidence I had… I knew this diagnosis was just a set-up for a supernatural healing; a modern day miracle meant to encourage others and give God glory.

Although the diagnosis and all it implied was so heavy on me and my family (especially on my husband who lost his mother and uncle to cancer when he was young), I saw it as an honor—clearly God saw me fit to carry this cancer assignment and spread His glory in a way that only He could do.

I immediately turned to my closest friends and my church small group for prayer. I knew I needed them to help me find strength, peace & confidence in Jesus and also to prepare the hearts of every person who was about to hear my Miracle Story. I told them not to be sad, but expectant and to pray that God’s power and love would be revealed to many through my healing. (And, within a couple days, I had been prayed over for healing more times than I could count, there were more than a month’s worth of meals set up for us, child care in place, and many other tangible needs were met without our asking. THAT is Church!)

The morning of my MRI brain scan (12/7/18), I had an urge to record a video at the last minute, at least for my friends & family to see online. I had no idea what I was going to say, but I knew I needed an army of people to be praying WITH me for this miracle healing—and not for my sake, but so that they could be part of the move God was about to make, and maybe even come to know Him through it. I could NEVER have imagined that God would allow that 8-minute response to my diagnosis & miracle invitation to go viral and reach thousands. The comments and messages I received in response right away were incredible AND my MRI brain scan came back clear!

I had surgery on 12/12/18 to remove the neck mass, 55 lymph nodes and the melanoma on my ear. Right before I went in to the OR, the doctor told me my full-body PET scan from the day before was completely clear of cancer (except what was already known in the neck mass) and that even the melanoma on my ear had come back as “not melanoma.” WHATTT!?! YES and AMEN! He was baffled, wondering what he would find during surgery. Six hours later, all the known cancer had been taken out, but they weren’t sure if I’d be able to raise my left arm above my shoulder due to the necessary scraping of nerves.

You can imagine my PURE JOY four days later, out of the hospital, jumping in worship at church—BOTH ARMS way up in the air—praising the Lord with every fiber in my being! GOD HEALED MY BODY and so many got to share in the miracle. God is the same yesterday, today and forever—He’s still in the miracle business just like you read in the Bible. I’m so proud to have a 5-inch scar around my neck that will start conversations for the rest of my life to give God glory for my Miracle Story! He is Healer!

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Our Journey is Far From Over

It is still unknown exactly what caused my condition, and what my true condition even was since my pathology is still being tested, now for a third round! Only God knows at this point what may have caused cancer to form in my neck (if it even did).

Yet, by law, my medical team has to recommend chemo and radiation as a treatment path as preventive measures for the spread and recurrence of cancer cells. Both of those treatments are extremely destructive with terrible, lifelong side effects, so we are moving forward cautiously, questioning everything and researching possibilities from all over the world. We are also pausing to get a second opinion, locally.

Please pray for our wisdom, open minds and confidence as we walk down the path that is right for my continued healing and prevention of any spread of disease.