• For the final pathology from my neck mass and 55 lymph nodes to come back from the third round of medical testing with clear results, one way or another

  • For my confidence and strength—physically (full healing from surgery), emotionally (staying off the roller coaster of negative feelings) and spiritually (clinging to my Savior)

  • For my mindset, that I would daily choose healing, hope and life

  • For my self-control and dedication to radically changing the way I eat and live, so that it would stop cancer in its tracks from recurring

  • For my husband’s strength, confidence and endurance as he supports me and makes decisions with me about treatment

  • That every medical professional on my case would be shown a glimpse of what God is capable of

  • That my story would continue to be shared to increase God’s glory and prove to people that He is love, healer, and hope



“Spur one other on in love,” Scripture says. We’ve had an incredible support system around us this whole time—but please, keep it coming… Your comments help focus our wavering thoughts.


SO many of our tangible needs have been met (and exceeded!) by others—from help lifting things, going grocery shopping, paying for childcare, meals being dropped off, gift cards given, house chores and more. Thank you so much!

The tests, scans, appointments, consultations with experts, driving, parking, surgery, hospital stay, limitations to working, and diet/lifestyle changes are all adding up financially. If you feel prompted, this is probably our area of greatest need.

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