Chad, Amber, Elias & Milly Langhoff (12/22/18)

Chad, Amber, Elias & Milly Langhoff (12/22/18)

My name is Amber Langhoff, and I received a cancer diagnosis on November 30, 2018.

The “you have cancer” phone call immediately impacted the trajectory of me and my entire family. It would have been easy for us to spiral out of control into sadness, depression, fear or pity–but we chose hope, faith and life; we chose to praise the Lord.

Of course it has been heavy and challenging at times, but our faith is confident and our support community is strong. When you’re given an assignment this big, it HAS to be for more people than just you. I knew this diagnosis was just a set-up for a supernatural healing; a modern day miracle meant to encourage others and give God glory.

Video Updates

When I posted my first video to social media on December 7, 2018, I was flabbergasted when it got almost 3K views in 3 days. It never ceases to amaze me what God will use to elevate His story and how He chooses to do it. I’m so glad I responded to that gut-feeling to record a last-minute video (something I’d never done and did not rehearse). Of course I wanted to keep posting video updates after the incredible response; I am truly honored to share this journey with anyone who will watch/listen.

Video 1 - 12/7/18
Invitation to be part of a miracle

Video 2 - 12/13/18
Miracle Report! Oh yes, He did.

Video 3 - 12/22/18
Post-op update & next steps

Video 4 - 1/17/18
Thank you for your prayers and support!

Video 5 - 3/12/19
How we’re honoring the miracle


Most Recent Updates


MAR 12 • 2019

Video 5 • How we’re honoring the miracle // It's been 3 months / 12 weeks since my cancerous tumor was removed. Here are 3 reasons I've been quiet and how you can be praying over our next steps. (Video can be viewed above.)

JAN 19 • 2019

We launched this website // I have no idea why so many have followed this story of ours, nor will I ever learn why this story is ours to live. I do know, that since it’s introduction, I’ve witnessed lives change for the better (mine included)—many have been pointed to Jesus, many have changed their perspectives, many have been inspired to better health, many have exercised their relationship with God on a new level and thousands have witnessed prayers being answered. Relationships have been restored, lines of communication have been opened and strength has been summoned from the depths. To God be allllll the glory; this sacrifice has been more than worth it. Apparently there is an audience I have been called to speak to, and I will rise to the calling. By God’s grace, may you be blessed by the words, resources and perspective within these pages. To be continued!


JAN 17 • 2019

Video 4 • Chad’s thank you // It’s been a “whole family” diagnosis and it will be a “whole family” healing journey, too. We’re so grateful to all who have encouraged, strengthened and inspired us during a hard season. Thank you so much!

JAN 16 • 2019

Enjoying the present and planning for the future // It’s been only five short weeks since my cancer diagnosis. I’m reading so much about the power of belief and positive thoughts, as well as meditation for healing your body. All of this has helped me reprioritize what’s most important in my life. So, Chad and I took a much-needed, kid-free date night out and have begun setting goals and plans for the new year. We declare 2019 a year of FREEDOM and LIFE and commit to make it so.

Be Part of the Miracle



  • For the final pathology from my neck mass and 55 lymph nodes to come back from the third round of medical testing with clear results, one way or another

  • For my confidence and strength—physically (full healing from surgery), emotionally (staying off the roller coaster of negative feelings) and spiritually (clinging to my Savior)

  • For my mindset, that I would daily choose healing, hope and life

  • For my self-control and dedication to radically changing the way I eat and live, so that it would stop cancer in its tracks from recurring

  • For my husband’s strength, confidence and endurance as he supports me and makes decisions with me about treatment

  • That every medical professional on my case would be shown a glimpse of what God is capable of

  • That my story would continue to be shared to increase God’s glory and prove to people that He is love, healer, and hope



“Spur one other on in love,” Scripture says. We’ve had an incredible support system around us this whole time—but please, keep it coming… Your comments help focus our wavering thoughts.


SO many of our tangible needs have been met (and exceeded!) by others—from help lifting things, going grocery shopping, paying for childcare, meals being dropped off, gift cards given, house chores and more. Thank you so much!

The tests, scans, appointments, consultations with experts, driving, parking, surgery, hospital stay, limitations to working, and diet/lifestyle changes are all adding up financially. If you feel prompted, this is probably our area of greatest need.

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